Experience the sensation of a larger penis by using penis enlargers. Simply use a penis extension for some larger than normal bedroom fun or you can use penis enlargers and extenders for a longer term solution.

Penis Pumps

Lust Buster Pump

Lust Buster Pump The Lust Buster is a top quality penis pump incorporating a multi speed control handle and a vibrating bullet that will bring a special smile onto your face. This penis pump has a rubber doughnut at its base in order to make a impressive tight vacuum.

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Classix Penis Power Pump

Classix Penis Power Pump This Penis Power Pump is perfect for those who are trying out pumps for the first time. It is portable and simple yet of high quality and can produce some amazing results. It is amazingly easy to use this penis pump, you just attach the flexible tubing to the pump, sip you penis inside the sleeve, place a finger over the air release hole and start to pump. It not only delivers additional length and girth it also feels pretty good too!

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Master Gauge Penis Enlargement Pump

Master Gauge Penis Enlargement Pump This premium penis pump is incredibly easy to use and has a super long vacuum tube that means you can measure exactly how much your penis grows with each pump. You can slip your penis into this pump with ease due to the soft jelly opening and it has a pumper handle that can be operated with just one hand. You just hold it in the curve of your hand and raise it with your fingers to start pumping.

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Firemans Pump

Firemans Pump This best-selling penis pump provides some body building for your shaft. Time to make it harder, bigger and stronger with the fireman’s pump. Work outs are also rather enjoyable with this pump that is equipped with super suction power. Give your partner a treat as they watch you grow in thickness and length.

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Bathmate Hercules 3.0 Hydrotherapy Penis Pump

Bathmate Hercules 3.0 Hydrotherapy Penis Pump The Bathmate penis enlarger harnesses the power of hydraulics to safely exert a better vacuum on the penis when compared to the competitors, perfect for enlarging the size of your penis in the privacy of your own bathroom. You simply place the bathmate over your penis in a nice warm bath, when you pull the unit towards your body a tight seal is generated and a tight vacuum is formed by the patented seal, allowing the water to be expelled from the tube creating a larger than normal erection.

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Why use Penis Enlargers?

You may just want the fun of experiencing a larger manhood for a night, which can easily be achieved by using a simple penis extension or you might want to spend some time using penis enlargers to develop a bigger girth and length, either for your partners pleasure or to help boost your own self confidence.

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